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Lee Mingwei: 禮 Li, Gifts and Rituals
13 May – 12 September 2021

From 13 May to 12 September 2021, the museum VILLA STUCK will present a solo exhibition by the artist Lee Mingwei, showing his installations and performances from the last thirty years by which the artist is putting rituals of giving and receiving gifts in the focus and inviting the audience to be an active part of it. Based on personal encounters, Mingwei‘s work, which will be shown in Munich for the very first time, is giving an exploration of art‘s potential to be a transformative and immaterial gift. That‘s why the role of being a host has a greater value within his work.

© Taipei Fine Arts Museum

Fabric of Memory

Fabric of Memory reveals how personal histories can be archived in objects. Ahead of the exhibition Lee Mingwei invites the local community to submit personal clothing and other fabric items that were hand made for them and to reveal the memory behind them, which is linked to these beloved textile objects. These items will then be displayed in wooden boxes. When a museum visitor opens one of the wooden boxes, they find not only the fabric object, but a very personal story which reveals the intimate relationship between the object’s receiver and its maker.



© Gropius Bau, Foto: Laura Fiorio

The Living Room

In The Living Room, the artist transforms a museum gallery into a living room, allowing volunteers to act as hosts. The artist is looking for hosts who are willing to exhibit their own collections of objects of personal or aesthetic significance for one week each and to engage visitors in dialogue about the objects. Every week another volunteer will take a role as a host and talk about his or her unique collection.



© Anpis Wang

The Mending Project

For this participatory project Lee Mingwei is looking for people who would like to be on site as menders and discussion partners. At The Mending Project, visitors can bring clothes with a sentimental value to be sewed and refined by selected volunteers. Lee invites people to apply who are interested in needle work as well as conversations with visitors.